Institutional Update

Recruitment: Progress has been made on the appointment of an Executive Director (USA), for which we have narrowed in on a top candidate. We expect to conclude the formalities in the coming weeks in which case we will be able to introduce the person to you in next month’s newsletter. The process of identifying the Global Head of Fundraising based in Johannesburg continues with some solid candidates being interviewed. Unfortunately, the person to whom the position of Operations Director was offered has declined because of a change in his personal circumstances. We also welcome Frances Read as our new Communications Assistant in the Johannesburg office.

Communications: Pluk media, a Dutch documentary film crew, have begun the preparations and initial filming for the forthcoming mass game and elephant translocations in Malawi. They are being sponsored by the Dutch Postcode Lottery to film a two-year documentary tracking the story of the elephant translocation, conservation, and park development in Malawi. The Annual Report has been completed and the electronic version will be emailed shortly, and hard copies posted by mail. It is now being translated into French for Francophone distribution as well. In anticipation of the imminent elephant and mass game translocations, commencing next month, content has been developed for the ‘500 Elephants’ microsite, which will go live in the first week of July. A local media briefing for the elephant translocation was hosted by Patricio Ndadzela and Andrea Heydlauff in Blantyre, Malawi, with attendance by journalists from the Times (print and broadcast), NBC, Al Jazeera, MANA and various other local news and radio outlets.